easy netball training drills

Netball is a ball sport consisting of seven players in each team. Like basketball, it needs teamwork and coordination skills in order to win the game. Just like basketball, netball players must undergo training and drills that will make them more competent and skilled players.

The Netball Training Drills must deal on the reactions, agility, speed and balance for fast improvement in playing the Netball game.

Training Drills do not require complex routines in order to reach the required skills in playing the particular game. You can practice drills and do exercises without causing stress looking for the best way to master the skills in playing Netball.

The Drills do not need to be necessarily complex and difficult in order to develop skills in playing a good game.

First Drill

This drill is simple yet will give you important technique and strategy on how to play the game.

There should be a feeder to make the chest pass toward their right. Then a single player needs to move forward quickly to receive the ball in their stride. The player must immediately run onto the ball and must not stop keeping momentum when receiving the ball.

This drill would be effective if done repeatedly as the players could switch positions and role or quickly switch direction upon the coaches whistle and will help to master the routine of the game.

Second Drill

Focuses on improving speed and accuracy of the player whilst on the court.

In order to execute this drill, you will need two balls and three players. The technique will involve only one worker and two feeders passing the ball. The role of the worker is to receive each ball in turn and return it through an accurate chest pass. The three players will sprint to their left once at the end of the court and return chest pass by throwing it back. To make this drill more advanced the coach could upon each whistle make the three players rotate in a circle whilst moving toward one end of the court, this will great improve the players awareness of other players and their agility on the court.

Netball Training Drills should develop and enhance the following:

As a player or a coach your Training Plan could be very helpful for you to target the skills needed to develop a certain training exercise. Planning is the first and best thing to do in order to achieve your goal towards being a good netball player.

Training Exercises should keep the players motivated and interested. This will allow active participation of the players and could possibly bring positive results in the game. You just need to exert time and effort in preparing for the actual netball game.

Including Netball Training Drills as part of your strategy to win the game could be one of the best decisions you could make. These netball drills can help in improving your movement and basic fitness to play the game. Before engaging in any sport however you must always do warm-ups or exercise that can help with conditioning the body to do more intense and physical activity or sports.