netball rules and regulations

Netball is a different game from other popular ball games. People who want to play this sport must know the official netball rules and regulations to avoid violations.

Players’ Attire

Netball players must be in proper uniform. The apparel must be made from lightweight materials for easy movement. Uniforms registered for competitions should have the player’s initials and playing positions indicated on specific areas. Players must wear their registered uniforms at all times while playing. They must also wear suitable shoes.

Game Duration

A game is divided into 15-minute quarters. A 3-minute interval is set in between the first and second quarters. Another interval of the same length is set between the third and fourth quarters. Half-time intervals can last for 5 to 10 minutes depending on the game or event organizer’s preference. Intervals may be longer if called for by umpires in cases of emergency.

Officials Participating in the Game

According to netball rules and regulations, officials taking part in a game are divided into two groups: match officials and team officials.

The match officials are composed of scorers, timekeepers, and umpires. Each official classification comes in pairs of two. This means two umpires will be in charge of the game itself, while two scorers and two timekeepers will compose the official bench. A reserve umpire may be assigned in a game and seated in the official bench.

The team officials can be composed of up to five persons. Members include a coach, a captain, a manager, and up to three additional personnel. At least one of the additional personnel should be a primary care expert qualified to diagnose and treat players in cases of injury.

The official team bench is composed of team officials and up to five players.

Starting the Game

A game will begin with a center pass after the umpire’s whistle. Every time a team scores, the two center players will take a new pass alternatively, regardless of who made the score. The umpire will whistle at the beginning and ending of the quarter.


Players will score a goal when a goal attack or goal shooter manages to drive the ball into the ring while inside the goal circle. The umpire will also whistle when a team scores.

Footwork Rule

The netball rules and regulations recognize two footwork types.

One-foot landing is where a player can land on one foot then then step with his other foot, making sure that the original landing foot has been lifted off ground. However, players must pass or shoot before he can step again with the lifted foot. The original landing foot can also serve as pivot to help players turn or gain their balance.

Two-foot landing is where a player lands with both feet touching the ground simultaneously. He may step towards another direction with one foot. If he lifts the other foot, he must pass or shoot before re-grounding the newly lifted foot.


Stoppages can be called for by a team official for reasons like coaching and injuries. When a game is stopped for coaching, bench players may go to the side. Team officials may also attend to players by rehydrating them.

Injury-related stoppages can be called by a court player or an umpire who thinks the injured player is unable to call for stoppage. The umpire will have the final decision in calling for stoppage or totally stopping the game.

The entire netball rules and regulations still cover a lot of other things like shooting rules. Simply put, if you’re serious about netball, you must become familiar with all the rules and positions – as doing so allows you to completely enjoy each game.