netball fitness drills

Netball is a physically demanding sport. Hence, players should always undergo netball fitness drills to improve their stamina and coordination, all while practicing the basic movements of the sport. These six drills are highly recommended.


Shuttle circuit

This drill has all the fitness components that players need in an advanced netball game. It is designed to boost stamina, as well as strengthen lower and core muscles, while improving footwork and coordination. In this drill, seven different physically demanding movements will be done as the players cover the entire court in diagonal and horizontal movements. It is important for players to have moderately strong bodies even before performing this drill.

To do this, have all the players lined up on the baseline, allowing them to follow the diagonal-horizontal forward path one at a time.

First, the player kicks backwards while moving diagonally to one side of the court. Upon reaching the side of the court, he’ll have to quickly run in place.

Next, the player will have to do sidesteps across the court until he reaches the other side where he will do five star jumps. The arms and legs should be stretched out while jumping.

At this point, he will need to jog, with his knees raised as high as possible as he moves diagonally once again.

Afterwards, the player should do sidesteps towards the other side where he will perform five power jumps. This type of jump is performed from a crouched position, transitioning up into the air with arms stretched upwards.

Finally, the player must run diagonally to the other side while doing twisties (running while twisting the body left and right). From that end point, the player sprints back to the starting line to wait for his next turn.


This is a simpler variation of the shuttle circuit as it only focuses on jogging, with knees raised to waist level and sidestepping. Because the other movements are eliminated, speed is given emphasis. In this drill, the same diagonal-horizontal forward movement will still be followed.

To do this, the player has to jog while keeping his knee high as he moves forward. Upon reaching the side of the court, he must sidestep to the other side where he starts jogging once again to the opposite side in a diagonal movement. The movements are repeated until the player reaches the other end of the court.

Reaction drill

This is one of the most common netball fitness drills because it can simultaneously accommodate a large group of players.

To do this, the players should scatter throughout the court, maintaining a two-meter distance from each other. The coach who will be at the center holds the ball, which the players should face wherever it goes. All players must do “fast feet” or simply, jog in place. The coach carries the ball while moving within the group.

Suicide run

This is one of the most physically demanding fitness training drills because it is usually timed and the speed is maintained until the entire drill is finished. In this drill, players will be running from the baseline to the assigned end points. Each end point is farther from the other.

To do this, have all the players line up on one baseline of the court. One by one, they will run to the first end point then back to the baseline, and then on to the second farther end point. They’ll have to continue until all points are covered, with the players returning to the baseline every time one point is reached.

Sidestep ball passing

Focus: footwork, coordination, ball handling

This is a relatively easy drill as the players only need to sidestep while passing the ball.

To do this, two players should face each other and in rhythm, they must sidestep from one end of the court to the other – all while passing the ball to each other.

Tag ball

To do this, a small group of players should be inside a given perimeter while one tries to catch the person who holds the ball. The ball is passed on to other players but the player who will be “tagged” will be assigned as the catcher.