5 netball drills for kids

Netball is not just for the adults but also for the kids out there. Before a child can master the mechanics and routines of the game, it is better to prepare them through these Netball Drills for Kids. It can help the child to acquire the necessary skills to play Netball.

While some kids are not as fond of going out to do some outdoor activities as others its important to engage the children into a fun and exciting sport can help you in diverting their attention into something interactive, which can be good for them. One of the best sports that you can engage your kids with is Netball.

These Netball Drills for juniors should fit to their age and abilities. The drills must be at an easier level but in a way that they will still acquire certain skills for playing the game.

In order to help kids master netball, you can consider the following Drills for juniors

Warm up and stretching

Doing warm ups and stretching are the most important thing to do before engaging into any physical activities. Playing Netball is not just for adults but for under 11’s who would enjoy playing this type of game. The kids can do warm ups like jogging around cones, laps of the court, and stretches like torso twists, arm swings, hamstring walks and squats.


Footwork skills are one of the most important things that a child must learn in playing netball. Kids can have the Zigzag and Pivoting drills to help them. These are simple drills that help the kids with sprinting short distances, pivoting on the spot and landing safely.

Ball Work

Kids need both speed and accuracy from their arms in order to hold and catch the ball properly and be able to shoot into the net to score goals. Create teams of two and have each child chest pass the ball to the other whilst walking towards the net. Once they reach the net the closest child will shoot, and they will take turns until they have successfully scored. It is advised to have more than two nets and at a lower height to accommodate the child’s skill level or height.


The games that focus on skills and improvement of team spirit could be very helpful to the kids. They will learn how to cooperate with their teammates and develop strategies that they could use in an actual game. You can setup mini games where the child can pass only once in set ‘islands’ on the court, with each court having five islands marked with a cone or hoop. They are only allowed to pass or shoot from the islands, and this can be turned into a race with teams of two children going in opposite directions of the court with the winners the first to successfully score a goal. This will help them to get better movement on the court and awareness of their teammates and improve passing skills.

Combination of the Ball work and Footwork drill

This will develop the kid’s awareness of the rule that they should not carry and travel with the ball once they caught it. Have the junior team move around the netball court and pass the ball. Once someone has caught the ball they must all freeze and the ball must be passed within 3 seconds. They continue on until they reach goal and the player with the ball closest to goal must shoot. If they miss they change direction toward the other goal, if they score they sit out until all but one player remains on the court after the last goal is scored.

Drills for under 11’s especially should be fun and interesting as well as covering the basic skills needed in playing netball and building experience in using teamwork to achieve a set goal.

People say that if you want a child to be the best at something, you must start training him/her as early as you can. Children can easily acquire skills in their early age. In relation to netball, kids can have their training or drills help to gain enough knowledge and skills to play the game wisely and effectively. These Netball Drills For Kids can work best when applied in school’s or fun environments for children to enjoy.