5 netball shooting drills

Netball games require the players to have constant training in order to acquire essential shooting techniques. Accuracy and control are very important when it comes to attacking goal. Netball shooting drills allow a team to have a better chance of being successful during the game and score more goals.

These drills are proven to be effective in enhancing the shooting skills of players during training:

Partner Shooting With 10 Shots

This netball drill needs 2 players, 1 post, 1 ball, and 10 cones. Every cone must be positioned in a line, following several points. The assigned player to do the shooting will be timed in order to know the span of time for each shot. The task of the feeder is focused on re-bounding the ball when the shooter try’s to score. The player can only move on after a successful shot.

Solo Shooting

As one of the netball shooting tips, this drill focuses on the correct technique to be completed by a single shooter which requires a netball post, and 1 ball. The player needs to be line on with the post while they are holding the ball. The arms are stretched upward with the elbows touching their ears and the arms must bend. Then, the player can shoot the ball flicking the wrist back to create backspin for a more accurate shot.

This must be done repeatedly to develop the skill.

10 Pass Shooting

This drill can be completed by five or more players.

There must be 2 shooters and 3 attackers within the area. The attackers on the transverse line are given 5 number of passes among the members. After 5 passes, they can pass the ball to the shooters. Upon receiving the ball, 5 successful passes must be completed before shooting. Like the other netball shooting drills, this will achieve accurate shots and develop passing skills to setup a goal.

Race Shooting

A number of 5 or more players must form a line on the court. The first and second players have a ball and their aim is to make a good shot before the opponent.

The first player will be given a chance to shoot the ball. When they succeed, the second player will miss his shot. On the other hand, when the shot is not counted, the players can try again until a successful shot. The player who is not able to shoot the ball and score is out.

When the second player wins, he will give the ball to fourth player. The winner will go back to the line and the shooting drill will continue.

Partner Shooting for Cardio Training

This needs two players where the first player acts as the shooter and the other one serves as the retriever. Specifically, the drill will enhance shooting accuracy and endurance. The duty of the re-bounder is about placing the ball within the semi-circle while the shooter must sprint to side line. The re-bounder and the shooter will return to the side line where they will perform the drill continually. 10 baskets must be successfully attained.

Ample time must be given during training. Through practicing the netball shooting drills, this will help the players to learn the techniques that they need to ensure series of successful shots and goals.  Through following the shooting tips, a netball team will be more competent. Each player will stand out and give their best in order to get high scores and win.