5 netball footwork drills

Consistent practice makes perfect. This only implies that there is a possibility for you to master something. You just have to exert as much time and effort in order to achieve mastery.

One of the games that need consistent training is Netball. The Netball Footwork Drills let you practice and develop skills in terms of discipline, coordination and presence of mind. These are just some of the things you must learn in order to have the best players and win the netball game. Following the Footwork Rule could be the best thing to do in order to win the game.


Here are the five Netball Footwork Drills for fast improvement:

Ice Cream Drill

These type of netball footwork drills helps in improving agility as well as focus on balance. The player without the ball in hand runs toward the other group and catches the pass then lands on one foot before putting the other foot to the ground. A specific player will shout “ice” when his/her landing foot touches the ground and says “cream” when the trailing foot hit the floor.

Left Or Right Drill

This drill needs two players. When doing this drill, you must set up 3 cones of about two meters apart. Then, let one player stay in the middle cone and the other player who has the ball in their hand will stand 5 meters away. Using the cone as a guide, the player with the ball in their hand needs to make three passes to the receiver’s right and then repeat the process to the receiver’s left.  This drill requires focus on the landing of the outside foot and shuffling back to the middle cone after each successful pass and works great in conjunction to the passing drills .

Speed Drill

This drill needs two or more players to line up on the opposite side of the court within their specified and designated cones. Once the whistle blows, each player must sprint to their cone and slide around the side cones and sprint back to the starting point.

Statue Of Liberty Drill

These Footwork skills can help the players on their footwork and develop balance. A player, holding the ball, stands and the other players jump, run and grab the ball requiring good balance and proper footwork. You can make the drill more intensive by having the statue player sprint to another position of the court and be able to complete a pass before repeating the routine.

Outside Foot Drill

This drill requires one receiver and 2 ball feeders. The practice will focus on the landing, pushing off where the receiver alternates back and forth between two feeders, catch the ball, and pass it diagonally to the other feeder.

Footwork skills are important in having a successful netball game since there is no strict rules on how to move the ball on the court. Efficient footwork is vital in order to gain goals without committing penalties and violations.

There is always room for improvement. You may not be good today but if you strive to work on it, you will definitely end up an excellent netball player. Everything is possible if you have the courage and determination to do something about it. Having the knowledge about netball footwork drills can be of great help for you to become a great player.