netball drills for beginners

These netball drills for beginners are the fundamental training exercises for those who are just starting to grasp the games mechanics. The purpose of these drills is to accustom beginners to the essential movements and actions done in netball.


Pass and catch

Focus: ball handling

It is as the name describes—a passing and catching drill. You can have two passing drills for beginners by adding variation to the passes.

To do the first variation, two players should pair up and position themselves five meters away from each other. Both players should do a rainbow pass, which is done by launching the ball at waist level and throwing it at overhead level. Once the predetermined number of passes is achieved, ask the players to move 10 meters apart. They should then move 15 meters apart (the full width of the court) after the number of passes is met.

The second variation requires a more difficult kind of pass, which is the chest pass. This is a faster and more forceful pass that may inflict pain when done the wrong way. To do this, launch the ball from chest level by pushing it towards the other player. Only mild force should be applied to avoid injury. The same mechanics as those of the first variation should be applied.

Dizzy passing

Focus: ball handling, accuracy in throwing, agility

This is a passing drill meant for a group of beginners. To do this, the group should form a circle with enough elbow space to comfortably and safely throw the ball to the center. At the center is a player who will serve as the passer. His job is to pass the ball to each player in the group. The ball will then be returned to him, and then passed to the next player until the ball completes the full circle.

The speed of passing should be moderate at the first rotation, only to be sped up in the succeeding rotations. The faster the ball passing is, the better the drill will be for practicing agility and throwing accuracy.

Solo shooting

Focus: ball handling, shooting angle, balance

This is one of the fundamental shooting drills for beginners that only focus on improving the player’s ball handling while in shooting position. To do this, the player should stand at the far edge of the shooting circle or if done off-court, should be at a distance of 4.9 meters from the post. The player holds the ball above the head with his dominant hand (shooting hand) while the balancing hand supports it. The elbows should be bended but the force of the throw should come from the wrist.

After doing a predetermined number of shots, the player can move to a different angle until the entire shooting circle is covered.

Movement drill (snake drill)

Focus: footwork, team coordination

This is one of the two common footwork drills for beginners that even kids will love. To do this, the group should form a line at the end of the court, with one serving as the leader. The leader will be in charge of making the movements and shapes across the court, which should be followed by the rest of the players (forming a crawling snake).

Speeding cones

Focus: footwork, speed

This drill is specifically meant to develop speed. Different cones will be placed at both ends of the court. Each cone will have a ring, which will be moved by the player from end to end as he sprints back and forth. This can be a tiring drill but it’s very effective in developing speed.

As the players advance, the coach can make different variations of these netball drills for beginners.