5 netball defence drills

Winning a match is more than possible through the collaborative effort of a netball team. Each member must be equipped with excellent defence skills which can be learnt during training. It will be very helpful to practice various netball defence drills on a regular basis. After series of practice games, there will be an assurance for more victories.


Here are the defence tips for each drill:

Triangle Drill

The three players must position themselves in a shape of a triangle wherein each player has a distance of 3-4 meters apart. One player will act as the thrower where they hold the ball. Another player will act as defender who must stand opposite to the thrower. 2 players will serve as the receivers. The thrower will perform the chest pass towards a receiver while a defender will attempt to intercept. Upon reaching the fifth interception, the players will do a rotation.

A good tip for this includes assignment of the first defender according to size and skill. It will make sure that the defender will successfully complete an interception. The chest passes must also be fast. Overhead passes must not be done. The defender must incorporate the right technique.

Piggies Drill

As one of the netball defence drills, this needs more players (7 or more) and 1 ball

The group must surround a circle where the 2 players are positioned in the middle. The ball is passed using different techniques while adjusting to the varying speeds. When the player A has successfully passed the ball to player B, the other players in the middle must be able to intercept the ball before it reaches another player.

After achieving 5 passes, another player can join the group in the circle or alternatively swap with someone in the middle of the circle.

Defence Balance

There must be 4 defenders and 5 attackers. The defenders must attempt to intercept. All players must keep their eyes on the ball but can only move when the ball is in the air and must stand firm instead of moving when the attackers hold possession. The coordination of the team towards goal defence will be enhanced with this drill and will give netball players a sense of defence positioning.

Red Rover Drill

The court’s size depends on the number of players. These netball drills also contributes to the improvement of players’ natural defending skills. There is a need for a constant execution of this drill until netball zoning skills are developed. Three players are needed to act as defender and they must not touch the transverse line which serves as the middle marker, then once the coach signals the attackers they may cross the line back from the base line and attempt to get to not get zoned by a defender This game will go until only one remaining player has not crossed the line then the last player swaps with a defender. Good tactic for this netball defence drill includes the application of the right zonal marking technique.

Zoning Out Drill

Just like the Red Rover drill, it requires 2/3 part of game court. The involved players must be grouped into two. The first group will focus on attacking and the other one will deal with defending. The players on the offensive team must form a line near base line. On the other hand, defenders must position themselves along the transverse line. The attackers must at random leave positions on the line towards the defenders who must zone the attackers from certain areas. Once they have successfully zoned the attackers they swap sides.

Through correct execution of these defence tips, a team will be able to defend themselves from their opponents. This is a great way to apply defensive tactics that will keep your netball goal out of reach.