From any way you look at it, netball truly is a fun and exciting sport. So if you are on the lookout for netball drills for 12 year olds and you have considered that your 12-year-old might have a knack for netball, here are four great netball drills to help them get into the sport and take it to new exciting levels!

Conditioning Drill  “Follow The Leader”

Follow the leader is an excellent conditioning drill for 12 year olds.


It allows the them to get warmed up and stretch their muscles before hitting the court.

“Follow the leader” drill works in a pretty straightforward manner. First, the players are sorted into two parallel lines at one end of the court, with a gap of about 5 feet between them across down the line. They must stay in a straight line when travelling across the court and aim to go between the opposing players coming in the other direction (This makes it more fun!)

At each end of the netball court one leader is then selected who is normally person at the end on the line. 

Each group then follows the leader until they reach the other end of the court, however the leader can jog while doing gestures with arms, legs or even hop on occasion and the other players must mirror them on the way to the other end of the netball court.

When reaching the opposite end the players get back and regroup into the two lines on each end of the court once again.

The second person in line next to the previous leader then becomes an automatic leader for the next group to go across the netball court. This routine repeats itself until everyone has had a chance to become a leader or until you feel everyone has sufficiently warmed up and had some fun!

Defence Drill “Piggy In The Middle”

Piggy in the middle drill calls for 7 or more participants. It starts by placing two players in the middle of a circle created by the remaining players.

The person on the outside of the circle who has the ball has to pass it to another person who is also in the circle using a variety of different netball passing techniques.

Here’s the trick: The person throwing the ball has to call out the receivers name while passing the ball and try and pass the ball to them before one of the players in the middle react and intercept the ball

If any of two players in the circle catch the ball, the player throwing the ball has to go into the center while the lucky “middler” finds a spot in the outside circlee.

What makes this a good drill? For one, it’s a good way for the players to learn and perfect their defence skills and interceptions.

Also, 12 year olds will appreciate the fun element in this routine, making piggy in the middle one of the best netball drills for 12 yr olds.

Shooting Drill  “Pass A Defender”

This is a worthy technique for checking a netball players shooting skills.

In this drill, two players are needed: one must act as the shooter and the other to play the role of a defender.

The intent of the drill is for the shooter to out work the defender near the netball hoop by applying different shooting skills and styles. Once the shooter has made 5 (or more) successful shoots, the roles are then reversed.

This is a great netball drill if you have a large group of players and more than one netball goal, as you can group players into into groups of two and see who can score the most shots out of three and rotate each pairing until everyone has had a turn while watching and learning from other players.

Jailbreak to Perfect Footwork


Jailbreak Drill – Part 1

Jailbreak trumps other Drills For 12 Year Olds because it is not just for agile footwork; it’s also useful in promoting defensive skills.

In this netball drill the players form two circles within a 30 feet square area outlined using cones. This acts as the outer perimeter and is where the players want to get to.

The first circle is larger than the second circle which is built inside them, the first circles job is to stop the players in the inner circle from escaping while holding the arms or hands of the players on their teams circle.

The inner circles job is to try use good footwork to go under the arms of the players in the outer circle who act as guards.

One group moves in a clockwise direction while the other runs in the opposite direction. One person – primarily a coach – yells “jailbreak” which is the signal for the players in the inner circle to try to escape under the arms of the moving outer circle, which is trickier than it sounds and requires timing and good footwork if they are moving quickly.


Jailbreak Drill – Part 2

Another take on this netball drill for 12 Year olds is as follows:

While keeping the 30 feet square outline using the cones, one group of players act as the perimeter guards who must move around the inner edges of the cones. They must stay on the outside and are not allowed to move into the middle of the square.

The other group of players must form a circle while holding hands in the middle of the cones. When the coach shouts “jailbreak” the players forming a circle break free and must try get out of the cone perimeter without being touched by one of the guards on the outside.

It’s the guards job to try and stop any opposition player getting out of the square by touching them. Once they hear the signal they can move freely around the edge to try and stop the opposing players.

If a player from the inner circle gets touched they are out and must go sit in the middle of the square. Once the remaining players have escaped or been caught they then swap sides and start the drill again.

One further twist that can be added to this netball drill is that when a player from the inner circle has escaped, if they see a friend who has been touched by a guard and gone back to sit in the middle they can choose to re-enter the square perimeter to tap back in the player who was caught and both players then become active and must try to escape the guards once again.


The Jailbreak drill is probably one of the most fun drills for 12 year olds there is as not only is it good for footwork and great exercise, its heaps of fun and exciting to try and escape the guards.

When young players are getting into the sport of netball ,footwork is a key aspect of making them a better player so using any of the 4 netball drills for 12 year olds above will ensure they are able to improve their game and stay engaged while getting better at the sport.