4 Netball Drills For 12 Year Olds

From any way you look at it, netball truly is a fun and exciting sport. So if you are on the lookout for netball drills for 12 year olds and you have considered that your 12-year-old might have a knack…

4 Tried and Tested Netball Coaching Drills

Netball coaching drills are not really much different from other netball drills done as part of regular training. They are called coaching drills simply because they are intended to introduce new skill sets.

5 Netball Drills for Beginners

These netball drills for beginners are the fundamental training exercises for those who are just starting to grasp the games mechanics. The purpose of these drills is to accustom beginners to the essential movements and actions done in netball.

6 Netball Fitness Drills for Training

Netball is a physically demanding sport. Hence, players should always undergo netball fitness drills to improve their stamina and coordination, all while practicing the basic…

5 Simple Netball Drills For Kids

Netball is not just for the adults but also for the kids out there. Before a child can master the mechanics and routines of the game, it is better to prepare them through these Netball Drills for Kids. It can help the child to acquire the necessary…

Easy Netball Training Drills & Exercises

Netball is a ball sport consisting of seven players in each team. Like basketball, it needs teamwork and coordination skills in order to win the game. Just like basketball, netball players must undergo…

5 Netball Defence Drills, Tips & Tactics

Winning a match is more than possible through the collaborative effort of a netball team. Each member must be equipped with excellent defence skills which can be learnt during training.

5 Netball Shooting Drills for Training

Netball games require the players to have constant training in order to acquire essential shooting techniques. Accuracy and control are very important when it comes to attacking goal.